Spiritual Coaching

Deepen your connection to your why, your passions and the things you really care about. Find strategies for bringing greater inner peace as you create more joy, happiness and sense of belonging to what really matters and gives you more meaning.

Alexandra Bolinder
Sweden (CET)

Find your Power by embracing your quirkiness!

Get access to the fuel for your soul. Take no rubbish, stand up for yourself.

Don´t let your fears stop you.

Stand tall outside the box and don´t let others lead your life.

Don´t waste your time, take the leap.

Leap into your own power and embrace all of your quirkiness.

Shine brighter than the stars!

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Ann-Britt Bolinder
Sweden (CET)

I’m a coach who wants to make you happy.
I empower women to be successful without feeling overwhelmed and to stop making themselves smaller to fit in. I help you turn things around so you can see there is hope. 

Sometimes I bring my horses as teachers in my coaching. You will feel seen and get to feel unconditional love in an extraordinary way by the horses.

You have a beautiful purpose on this Planet.

Together we will find it.


Rebecca Kane

Rebecca Kane is a psychic medium and intuitive life coach. She helps creative women who feel stuck and want to get their lives and businesses into alignment with their soul's authentic path by channeling guidance directly from Spirit. Clients need to come prepared with questions on how to get back on their soul’s path, how to resolve a seemingly-unresolvable issue, and/or how to increase their intuition so as to be more spiritually connected after their session is complete. 

Anjali Telang

Saudi Arabia (AST)

At the foundation of Anjali’s coaching are three spiritual principles, namely, we are all supported by the Universe, we are all worthy of abundance and we are all co-creators of our own destiny. Anjali uses coaching and tarot to empower women with tools to help them receive guidance from the Universe, to tap into their inner power and to take action towards living an abundant life. Anjali has a CPCC from ‘CTI’, PCC from ICF and is a Certified Tarot Reader.

Gina Unterhalter

Gina is an intuitive / soul-led leadership, mindset, career and business coach, NLP practitioner and numerologist. Gina has a BSc. (Hons) in Experimental Psychology, LLM Law and Business and is a qualified Employment Law solicitor with over 10 years of commercial and legal experience working in top tier global firms in the City of London where she advised, coached and mentored industry leaders, c-suite executives, FTSE 100 companies, private equity houses and investment banks. Now, Gina is the founder of Empowered Coaching Limited and Gina Unterhalter Coaching (Consultancy). Gina's approach and methodology combines a blend of positive psychology and mindset science, strategy and spirituality.

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