Wellbeing & Resilience Coaching

Are you looking to optimise your overall health and lifestyle? Wellness coaches help enhance self-motivation and self-regulation, navigate the journey of change and review things such as your nutrition, energy, exercise, and stress management.

Tamsin Astor

Tamsin Astor, PhD is the founder and Chief Habit Scientist of Yoga Brained Coaching. She is known for giving her clients the tools to shift their mindset, organize their vision, and improve their habits to create an amazing life & an efficient, productive business. We make 35,000 decisions every day, which leads to decision fatigue. Dr. Astor helps her clients reduce the amount of overwhelming decision-making they do by harnessing their goal-achieving machine – AKA – their brains. This also increases their time and energy for fun!

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Gwen Booth

I have over 20 years coaching experience, supporting individuals to navigate transition and develop the adaptability and resilience needed to thrive in today’s world of ambiguity and uncertainty. Key to this is self-awareness - understanding ourselves, our resilience and well-being and understanding of others,

As a qualified coach supervisor, I work with both new and experienced coaches to provide a safe, reflective space to review and explore your work

My approach is challenging and pragmatic, yet also empowering and supportive.

Emma Charlotte Broome

I loved my high-pressure corporate sales job, but ten years in, the work/life balance disappeared. So I quit! I trained as a superyacht chef, and sailed the world for seven years. Competing as a gymnast and on the GB freestyle aerial ski team, stimulated an interest in sports science and nutrition. So during yachting downtime I qualified in nutrition and PT to set up LIFE Acrobat, where I support individuals and companies to better mental and physical health.


Michelle Burrows

Hi, I’m Michelle Burrows, a wife, mum, mindset and empowerment coach, fitness trainer and eternal optimist!

As a personal growth specialist, my focus is on health and wellbeing and optimising the mind & body connection. I love to help people find freedom, adventure, break free from overwhelm and live their fullest life.  I'm passionate about enabling others to uncover their inner strength, realise their innate capacity for resilience, become authentically confident and genuinely believe that anything is possible. 


Jenny Campbell

Jenny is a senior executive coach and resilience researcher, dedicated to enabling resilience so that anyone can navigate complexity in healthy and effective ways.

Jenny’s approach lends itself to areas of significant change or difficulty: if you are stuck, overwhelmed, or looking to accelerate growth but can’t unlock the right capacity. This is the work of resilience where Jenny provides insight, care and productive challenge.

Dr Sarah Howling

Dr Sarah Howling has coached and developed high performing teams around the world and has been a senior leader and principal in top international schools before recently returning to the UK and founding her own coaching, training, and consultancy company - the Connection Revolution®. She is an experienced and accredited coach and coach supervisor, specialising in emotional intelligence, resilience, and coaching others to have courageous conversations.

Jan Juillerat

Jan is a qualified executive coach and accredited as a resilience coach.  The approach is holistic, positive and enabling, drawing on the capability and resourcefulness of clients and very much forward focussed. 

Jan’s background is HR and Organisational Development at Executive level and she holds an MBA and post-graduate professional qualifications.  She works with a range of professional clients and organisations and is a Non-executive Director in education, research and careers organisations.  


Nat (Natalia) Lipecka

Reformed City Stockbroker, workaholic and perfectionist turned Coach, Speaker & Expert specialising in working with Type A professionals feeling the brunt of operating in high pressure environments. Following a near decade long career in Investment Banking and one intimate encounter with burnout, Nat founded EVERWELL Coaching in the belief that in order to maximise our potential and perform at our best we must learn to manage our stress and wellbeing, as well as the vulnerabilities and shadow sides of ambition.


Hazel Morley
Canada (PT)

As a Time to Think Coach I am committed to creating a Thinking Environment® to provide space and time for you to think independently, to gain clarity, inspiration, courage, and insight. I believe in your innate capabilities and intelligence to produce decisions, actions and outcomes that are right for you. My passion is to enable you to reconnect to your power, reset your intentions and regain a clear sense of purpose to create a life full of vitality and impact.


Wendy Nicholls

Wendy is a qualified and experienced personal and resilience coach who works with individuals to enable them to achieve their personal and professional goals. She will help you focus on your values, wellbeing and energy to connect with your best self.

Her coaching style is based on a firm belief that you possess all you need within you to find your own solutions, and her role as a coach is to enable the thought process and self awareness that will help you understand and enhance your resiience. Wendy’s style is also based on a human connection, getting to know you as a whole person and what drives and motivates you.

Helen Revans
Hong Kong (HKT)

Helen lives in Hong Kong yet is originally from the UK.  She’s an Educator, Life Coach and Health Coach with a functional medicine approach that specializes in gut and hormone health.  She has 30 years’ teaching experience in Food Preparation and Nutrition and certified as a Health Coach in 2013.  Helen is the Founder of Nurture Your Life and certified as a Fearless Living Life Coach in 2004.  She loves empowering people to be the best version of themselves, whereby they step into their personal power, speak their truth and live the life their soul intended.


Anna Scelzo
Italy (CET)

I am a psychotherapist. I love working with people by using a holistc approach and I consider therapy and an opportunity to grow personally and spiritually.

Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Geeta Sidhu-Robb is a 5-time winner of the Entrepreneur and Businesswoman of the Year award. Having developed the hugely successful Nosh Detox, Geeta retrained as a leadership coach for professionals. Her clients describe working with her as ‘transformational & life changing’ crediting her coaching with helping them get promotions, double revenue, manage successful IPO’s and launching massive company growth. Successful women frequently operate in isolated and hostile environments and coach not only to succeed but also enjoy improved family lives.

Ngozi Weller

Ngozi Weller is a qualified management training consultant, mental health first aider, speaker and coach who equips HR and people managers with the tools to improve employee wellbeing in the workplace. She overcame her own battle with work-related depression and anxiety to found Aurora Wellness with her psychologist business partner to ensure that others have ready access to the type of workplace mental health support and awareness that was lacking in her time of need.

Cara Wheatley

Need to re-establish a work-life blend?

Cara’s challenging-empathetic style will enable you to commit to change you need. Self-care is the foundation for all change whether in life or work. How can you refocus your priorities, to put your health at the top of the to-do-list? Cara helps you re-establish blurred boundaries and thrive!

Cara is an intuitive coach, with an expertise in gut health- working one gut at a time to create a gut health revolution.

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