Public Speaking Coaching

Perhaps you need help with a conference presentation or a specific speech. You may be looking for feedback and ideas or perhaps the confidence to overcome your nerves and fears. You may also be looking for help with how to best structure your talk with a strong opening. Enjoy a 45minute coaching session with a trained professional.

Wendy Chowne

Book a session with me to explore how to manage change, or improve your professional life. I specialise in enhancing presentation capabilities, resilience and confidence.

I am an experienced internal coach within the higher education and finance industries. Through my business, Compita™, I now focus my coaching and mentoring capabilities on those wanting to achieve positive change within their lives. We can make a real difference together!

Qualified by the Institute of Leadership & Management & compliant with supervision requirements.

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Rae Gaukroger

Are you a seasoned presenter or nervous newbie? Everyone has room for growth! Presenting is a skill to be learned & developed by everyone.

Embracing, harnessing & building on everything that makes you uniquely you. My style is energetic & fun with a serious intent – stretching clients beyond comfort zones because they feel relaxed & able to trust.

A qualified & experienced coach I’d love to work with you to build your presence & authenticity to deliver brilliant presentations. Presenting Powerfully begins with you!

Johnny Gillett
Malaysia (MYT)

Since 2008, Johnny has been using Story Practice for creating, telling and using stories with clients who wish to improve their communication and presentations skills or create a safe space for open discussion. His most notable clients are IKEA and L’Oreal, both in Europe and in Asia, but he works with SME’s, trainers and a range of individuals. Whomever he works with, people appreciate Johnny’s informal style that draws on over 30 years of utilising the age-old tradition of storytelling.

Lyn Roseaman

Bestselling author, international speaker, public speaking expert and founder of Now You're Talking coaching business, Lyn Roseaman ensures people find their voice and transform their lives. Following a successful international career as a market research director, Lyn knows what makes people tick. Now she brings that to public speaking, helping busy people build their confidence and create powerful stories and narratives that deliver maximum relevance and impact to today's key target audiences.

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