Niche Coaching

Take a peek at the many other forms of coaching on offer during our one day WLA Coach-a-Thon. There are so many ways coaching can help so have a look at our miscellaneous and see if there is something here that sparks your interest!

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani


Transition Coaching

Originally from Italy and global citizen for the last 20+ years, Vittoria’ focus is on personal development, inner alignment, leadership, cultural awareness & relationship with change. Her mission is to empower people to be change makers for the world they want to live in. With a background in Logic and Philosophy, Vittoria regularly expands her discoveries in psychology, neuroscience and leadership while challenging herself with extreme adventures.

Vittoria's focus is on:

  • Personal development
  • Inner alignment
  • Leadership
  • Cultural awareness
  • Relationship with change
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Wendy Chowne


Change Coaching

Book a session with me to explore how to manage change, or improve your professional life. I specialise in enhancing presentation capabilities, resilience and confidence.

I am an experienced internal coach within the higher education and finance industries. Through my business, Compita™, I now focus my coaching and mentoring capabilities on those wanting to achieve positive change within their lives. We can make a real difference together!

Qualified by the Institute of Leadership & Management & compliant with supervision requirements.

Joanne Lawrence


Performance Coaching

A performance coach who guides clients through personal, lifestyle and professional journeys of self-improvement. Coaching sessions are focused and driven to provide clients with the opportunity to explore their performance in a skill or attribute they wish to develop. I can assist with the motivation, confidence and support needed to take ownership of goals and achieve results. As a qualified Teaching and Learning coach, I am trained and experienced in facilitating a process of performance management in which teachers are coached to improve the quality of the learning they provide; and leaders are coached to implement a coaching ethos within their school for a continued and sustainable improvement in outcomes for all stakeholders.

Gail Morgan


Image Coaching

Gail Morgan is an Image Coach with over 28 years’ experience. Her mission is to simplify the art of getting dressed so that you enjoy wearing clothes that flatter your body, support your lifestyle, and boost your confidence.

She specialises in working with busy professionals and business owners who need to improve their visibility. Gail loves seeing her clients blossom and their confidence soar once they understand how to use their visual impact positively.

Nadine Moussa

Egypt (EET)

Transformative Coaching

Authorpreneur, Speaker, Mentor, Coach, Social Enterprise Facilitator, promoting Transformation, Diversity and Inclusivity, Growth and Continuous Improvement Mindset, Mental Health & Wellbeing, with a passion to inspire people to reach their potential.

Nadine has transformed when faced with life threatening disease over 12 years ago and more recently when faced restructure and moved on after 16 years in corporate experience in marketing, business development and continuous improvement coach.

She lived in Giza, Egypt with her two sons and husband.

Nadine Pemberton

St Lucia (AST)

Change and Transformational Coaching

Nadine is a change and inclusion consultant, a lawyer, coach, and Founder of Pemberton+ Coaching & Consulting.

Nadine has 17 years’ experience working in government, specialising in team growth and organisational innovation and development. She is passionate about coaching individuals, leaders and teams, to make impactful and lasting transformation in their lives, work, and the world.

If you’re thinking about the next steps in your journey, Nadine is the coach to help you focus and find the freedom to flourish.

Marie-Claude Quieffin-Witcombe

Transitional Coaching

I coach people in their 50s' and 60s' who are at the end of their career and aspire to find purpose and meaning in their life after work. I support them to stay energised, passionate, curious, healthy and maintain the level of well-being that will make them live their lives to its full potential.

I am also working as a voluntary coach for the Pankhurst Institute in Manchester, supporting women to reach the leadership level to which they aspire.

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