Life Coaching

By working with a life coach you can focus clearly on the goals that are going to help you achieve a stronger tomorrow. Life coaching helps you identify the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Life coaching helps you to see what a full rounded life may be like for you and how coaching can help you get there quicker and with more motivation than doing it alone.

Sheba Affridi

I am a transformational life coach. I love helping my clients recognise and embrace the best in themselves. Together we create a calm safe energetically abundant space to release any fears, overwhelm and limiting beliefs. This clears the way for new inspired thought leading to a happier life and transformation. I can help you get the best out of your career and personal life. The only question you have to ask yourself is ‘Are you ready for impact?!’ 

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Laura Brunton

Laura is the Totally You Coach and inspires ambitious women to identify and chase their dreams by taking courageous and imperfect action! Laura is authentic, passionate, and will help you to connect with your true self to take action to get after the life you want, not necessarily the life you currently have. By lighting that spark in you, Laura will unleash a power in you that is uniquely yours and will be there to cheer you on every step of the way. 


Rose Corrick

As a certified Mindset & Creativity coach, I inspire successful professional women to uncover and claim their Soul’s Calling. “You are meant for more but don’t know what ‘more’ is.” As an artist, creative entrepreneur, seeker and coach, I have been there. I answered my own soul-centered calling and took action. Working with me, you will give voice to your dreams, identify what’s in the way and create a roadmap, with accountability and support, to create the life you’ve dreamed of.

Alice Dartnell

Alice Dartnell is a London-based life and success coach who is passionate about empowering professionals to create a life by design. She specialises in time management and mindset so you can reach your potential and realise your dreams. Alice can help you to feel in control, reframe limiting thoughts and create a positive mindset for success. 


Mel Greaves

Mel is an ICF accredited coach and is the founder of Inner Direction Ltd. His abiding philosophy is that the true potential of any individual, team or organisation is often already present and is actually being held back by other factors. Mel works with anyone who wants to find their inner direction, identify and unlock their true potential and open up a world of new possibilities.

Mel has a 32 year career background in aerospace.

Prabs Johal

Prabs Johal is an experienced coach, specialising in empowering leaders to pursue meaningful careers and develop authentic leadership styles. Prabs adopts a holistic style of coaching and has a proven track record of public speaking, strategy development, delivering organisational change, and driving creativity and innovation.

Prabs has experience of working with the UN and international courts, as well as private corporate companies. Currently managing large government funded projects, she brings a wealth of experience from both private and public sectors.

Karen Krawczyk

I am an experienced coach and trained using a Co- Active coaching model. I am a member of the Association for Coaching and the Glasgow Coaching hub.

I aim to listen deeply and ask you insightful and powerful questions to allow you to access the solutions you need from your own deep resources.
Feedback from others says that I am compassionate, caring, insightful and innovative with a great listening ear and quiet wisdom.


Mahitab Marzouk
Switzerland (CET)

I am a certified professional action-oriented coach & a thinking partner who cooperates with clients to make things happen, move forward & manage actions & change. I help in raising individual’s awareness to unleash their inner potentials to excel & achieve their dreams. I studied coaching in IDC in Switzerland, accredited by ICF. I worked in marketing in various multinational companies. I hold a BA in Business Administration & MA in Professional Development. I speak English, French, Arabic & Spanish.


Adi Nevo
Thailand (ICT)

A passionate Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) & Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Connecting you to your life purpose while embarking on a journey, a process to help you fall in love with your life, live your dreams and live each day with gratitude and forgiveness. My background of business and my executive MBA allow the combination of both worlds, personal and professional, spiritual and operational, to get you to where you want to go. 


Laura Ogilvie-Jones

I am a certified ICF coach and specialise in coaching individuals to help them find purpose, clarity and fulfilment both in and out of work, so they reach their goals and ambitions faster, and they’re happier and more purposeful in work and life. I can quickly help someone identify barriers and limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and then help them devise effective and purposeful action plans so they can move forwards in their career and life.

Judy Skilling

Judy Skilling is a Certified High Performance Coach and a U.S. Navy Veteran. She specializes in working with military veteran entrepreneurs to increase their productivity in life and in business while minimizing distractions, enhance their wellness to have increased energy throughout the day, and have thriving relationships so they don't take a backseat on the way to achieving success.

Dr. Edward M Smink PhD

I bring to my clients over 40 years of healthcare experience. As a coach I specialise working with caregivers who are suffering from Compassion Fatigue. Most caregivers are notorious in not developing skills for self-care. We focus on building strengths and understanding the archetypal underpinning of caregiving. We look at cultural taboos of not trusting, not talking, and not feeling that caregivers struggle with in regain the joy of living.  We have wonderful results using Zoom for the sessions.


Angela Denise Sothern

I’m an accredited life and business coach in the UK. I passionately believe coaching is a transformative tool for helping people through challenge and for creating more satisfaction in life.  I enjoy working with people who are committed to their own personal growth. 
Everything you need exists within you, every solution and next step is waiting. You are uniquely brilliant. I’m here to hold a mirror up to what’s going on now and partner with you to confidently move forward.


Anjali Telang
Saudi Arabia (AST)

At the foundation of Anjali’s coaching are three spiritual principles, namely, we are all supported by the Universe, we are all worthy of abundance and we are all co-creators of our own destiny. Anjali uses coaching and tarot to empower women with tools to help them receive guidance from the Universe, to tap into their inner power and to take action towards living an abundant life. Anjali has a CPCC from ‘CTI’, PCC from ICF and is a Certified Tarot Reader.

Jo Thackwray

As an EMCC EIA life & business Coach. I support others to shine bright & find their inner superpowers. Bringing positive energy to share and motivate you. 

We will focus on your strengths. I will listen and challenge you to reach your potential by facing up to your obstacles. We will break down challenges into bite-sized chunks. This will make your goals achievable. The aim is for you to shine as brightly as you possibly can.



Vanessa is an experienced Lifestyle Coach for busy Mums seeking support with healthy living. Working within an international success model she will inspire, encourage and motivate you to start your positive lifestyle changes. 

Vanessa’s support will help you adjust your mind-set for long term transformation.  During the session Vanessa will help you prepare a simple nutrition and fitness plan that will fit around your daily commitments.

Your personal plan will show you how to take small consistent steps to kick-start your longer term healthy active lifestyle.


Louise Wiles

Are you thinking about making a big change in your life? Perhaps you are considering a career change, a relocation, even a move abroad? I support clients to create professional and personal positive change. The art of mastering transition is core to my coaching process. I encourage clients to use their strengths and a wellbeing framework as the foundation to creating positive change based on an inspiring vision of the future. I bring to my work over twenty years of personal and professional change and transition experience, personal performance and narrative coaching qualifications and a background in organisational psychology and personal learning and development.


Aries Yeo

With over 20+ years from the banking industry. Aries is also a passionate advocate & leader of gender diversity and inclusion where she served as the exco member for 7+ years in Financial Women Association of Singapore, partnering the corporates to drive the D&I agenda and chairing the mentoring team.

She specialises in supporting overwhelmed women who struggled to find balance in their life especially between responsibilities as a mother vs desire to fulfil their passions and dreams.

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