Leadership Coaching

If you are a leader who is feeling stuck or facing barriers to your performance, then this stream might be the one for you. Exploring what might be holding you back, where you see your potential and how to overcome some of the workplace challenges are examples of how a leadership session may benefit you.

Dee Allen

Dee is a certified Executive and Strength Coach, Team Trainer and Leadership Consultant.  Her expertise in leadership and coaching stems from her 33-year career in the U.S. Navy where she coached some the Navy's top leadership.  Since her retirement from the military, Dee founded and is the CEO of Dee Allen Consulting N Coaching.  She specializing  in developing executive talent and leading teams in defining concrete goals, optimizing performance and providing accountability. She has worked with the federal government, non-profits, and corporate leaders to both increase leadership and organizational effectiveness. 

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Laura Aziz

Laura Aziz, PhD is an advisor and professional coach who works with high-potential aspiring leaders to enhance their performance and grow their careers. Laura’s coaching focus on individual areas of strength, areas needing improvement, opportunities, challenges, and co-creating a roadmap to the ideal desired future, building a step by step process to get unstuck and move from Point-A to Point-B. Laura offers strategies and tactics in leading change and transformation leveraging emotional intelligence, positive intelligence, relationships, presence, empowerment, and resilience.

Mike Buchanan

Mike Buchanan is the Founder of Positively Leading, a bespoke coaching consultancy focused on understanding, improving and enjoying. His approach is to help you to discover your strengths and to amplify them so that you feel more alive and perform even more highly.

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani


Originally from Italy and global citizen for the last 20+ years, Vittoria’ focus is on personal development, inner alignment, leadership, cultural awareness & relationship with change. Her mission is to empower people to be change makers for the world they want to live in. With a background in Logic and Philosophy, Vittoria regularly expands her discoveries in psychology, neuroscience and leadership while challenging herself with extreme adventures.

Vittoria's focus is on:

  • Personal development
  • Inner alignment
  • Leadership
  • Cultural awareness
  • Relationship with change

Jo Clare

Jo Clare (FCIPD, ILM7 Dip, EMCC)

Jo has over 20 years of working in senior-level Leadership, Talent and Change Management. With a passion for authentic and inclusive leadership, strengths-based development and positive psychology, Jo’s approach to coaching is positive with appropriate challenge. She will help you to explore barriers to success, identify ways to overcome them and, as a result, develop high quality solutions. Jo’s clients have said that she is supportive, challenges thinking and coaches with impact.

Nancy Curtin Murphy

With a robust career spanning multiple industries and disciplines, Nancy is a business executive and dedicated Human Resources Consultant and Executive Coach known as a trusted business partner, whether advising and coaching senior leaders and managers in difficult situations or in helping them to drive business results through their human capital. Her ability to establish trusting relationships quickly and untangle the most difficult situations help her to come up with practical approaches / solutions within challenging environments. Prior industry experience includes, financial services, executive search, healthcare and education.

Carly Davies

I’m an experienced leader and trained coach in a retail business. I enjoy helping those who are committed to personal growth in order to reach their goals. My coaching style allows people to reflect on their experiences and brings structure to thinking. Clients say that I create a safe space to push them out of their comfort zone, then support them to understand their blockers and create pragmatic, tangible solutions to focus on.

Hayley Dennis

Hayley Dennis is a Certified Executive and Leadership Coach. She has over 20 years’ of experience in the Technology and Finance industries. She applies her vast professional experiences, reliable knowledge, and practical lessons to assist you in getting the recognition you deserve and support you in advancing in your professional and personal life.

She is excited to join you on your journey of reaching and expanding your professional goals, and turning your career dreams into realities.

Caroline Diamond

Are you looking for help:

• Navigating corporate hierarchies

• Launching innovative start-ups

• Balancing career with family

• Taming your inner critic

From a senior executive in multinationals, to founder of two companies, to mother of four, I have learnt to recognise those inner voices and channel them into transformational growth.

An ICF certified Executive & Leadership Coach, blending my skills and experiences helps me be an engaged and empathetic listener and a powerful ally to help you take on your deepest challenges.

Julie Drybrough 

With over 15 years coaching experience working with clients in all organisational sectors, I help clients unlock transformational change and generate long-term strategies for success.

I take a holistic approach – working with head (data, themes, rationale, mindset) heart (emotion, impact, willingness) and hands (purposeful action, creative responses) to get to good outcomes for the clients.

Words to describe me: insightful, kind, creative, challenging.

Jeffrey Edwards
Canada (EST)

Jeffrey Edwards is a Board-Certified Executive Leadership, Business Coach. His passion is helping CEOs and business leaders worldwide create thriving organizations from the “inside out” through coaching, training and strategic design around the world. His areas of specialty and certification include Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Design and Human Performance.

Jeffrey holds an MBA in Management Consulting and an M.Ed. in Educational counselling. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and the International Coaching Federation. He resides in Ottawa, Canada.

Amy Elworthy

I have 20 years+, multi sector experience working with senior leaders and high potential talent.
I specialise in developing female leaders to thrive. I focus on wellbeing and resilience as well as performance.

I have a record of helping individuals to achieve promotion and transition to the next level.

I’m post graduate qualified in Business Coaching and have been awarded ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) status.

I’m a qualified MBTI and EQi-2.0/360 emotional intelligence practitioner and mental health first aider.

Christelle Garcia

Do you want to navigate uncertainty, complexity and change with more ease, courage, resilience, or aliveness?

I partner with current and future leaders to increase their impact and performance through deeper awareness of themselves & their systems, conscious choices and focused actions.

Drawing from my diverse personal & corporate background and as an ICF certified, leadership coach, I use intuition anchored in neuroscience, systemic and somatic approaches to challenge and support you.

Together we reflect, experiment and explore your connection with yourself, others and your environment.

Gail Harrison

A highly motivated and experienced Coach, with an excellent record of achievement in Leadership, Leading Change, creating positive Cultures and developing High Performing Teams. Supporting and challenging those I coach, to help them increase their awareness of their impact as a Leader (positive and negative) on those they lead, manage and influence. Creating the space and opportunity to choose what will help them become the best version they can be as a Leader, to get the best out of themselves and others.

Doreen Hegemann
Germany (CET)

Doreen Hegemann is an Expert in Future Leadership. Her mission is to support entrepreneurs to unlock the full potential of their teams – using holistic approaches, self-management principles on the basis of shared visions and values.

Do you want to get the best out of your team, as they’re not producing the results you know they can? Doreen will personally help you developing a modern leader in you, expand your effectiveness and increase the engagement of your team.

Dr Sarah Howling 

Dr Sarah Howling has coached and developed high performing teams around the world and has been a senior leader and principal in top international schools before recently returning to the UK and founding her own coaching, training, and consultancy company - the Connection Revolution®. She is an experienced and accredited coach and coach supervisor, specialising in emotional intelligence, resilience, and coaching others to have courageous conversations.          

Prabs Johal 

Prabs Johal is an experienced coach, specialising in empowering leaders to pursue meaningful careers and develop authentic leadership styles. Prabs adopts a holistic style of coaching and has a proven track record of public speaking, strategy development, delivering organisational change, and driving creativity and innovation.

Prabs has experience of working with the UN and international courts, as well as private corporate companies. Currently managing large government funded projects, she brings a wealth of experience from both private and public sectors.        

Courtney Kent

Courtney Kent, Certified Leadership Coach, helps leaders, managers, and high potential employees develop emotional intelligence, a high performance mindset, and achieve their professional and personal goals. Her approach blends professional coaching techniques and her previous background advising CFOs of public companies globally.   

Anne Lashmar

One way I fulfill my life drive to help others, is  coaching senior business leaders across all sectors, eg construction, NHS, housing, finance, logistics and retail - my own career roots. Clients comment on my warm style of challenge & questioning, providing fresh perspectives and direction for long standing barriers to personal and professional achievement and satisfaction. Impact reported by recent clients includes: career progression, confidence increase, relationship improvement, leadership effectiveness and generally - feeling more in control of their lives.         

Fiona Moore

Fiona Moore is a Leadership Coach who has experience working in the private, education and health sectors. Her coaching style is trust based, authentic and focused on enabling clients to identify the best version of themselves. She believes that people are fundamentally magic, and her role is to enable them to tap into their brilliance and hear their truth. Her passion is exploration and learning and seeing leaders putting their learning into practice to make a difference in both their lives and in their organisations.

Cynthia Moore

Gain powerful new insights that make a lasting difference, create sustainable change and win a greater sense of freedom as a result.

This in turn leads to better results professionally and personally. I help entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders get better results by creating clarity, focus and confidence in the way forward.

You will feel motivated, positive and see more possibility and opportunity, with greater resilience and a strong mindset.

High quality, bespoke coaching from an experienced, qualified and certified coach.

Sarah Parr 

As a qualified accountant, with over 20 years’ experience of advising and leading businesses, I now work with established and emerging leaders to help them tackle complexities that they face, and gain greater insight into themselves, their teams and their organisations. I adopt an empathic and intuitive approach to coaching, enabling me to challenge clients in an encouraging and supportive way, whilst maintaining focus on their goals and objectives. My values of Curiosity, Compassion and Creativity underpin my coaching approach.       

Fiona Robson

I have been working with people to help them be the very best they can for over 20 years. I have developed an authentic style, being known for giving candid feedback with empathy and focusing on personal development.

I am excellent at building trust and use energy and intellect to help others increase their self-awareness, develop their skills and change their behaviours.

I am genuinely curious about people and love helping them define and achieve their goals.

Carol Schmekel

As a creative and innovative servant leader, I provide a strategic process – complete with professional resources and personal support – to help executives develop stronger leadership skills and become nurturing mentors for the next generation of Nursing and Healthcare Leaders.

Schmekel Coaching and Consulting is an Executive Coaching and Healthcare Consulting company dedicated to developing leaders into extraordinarily successful, high-performing leaders.

Sian Taylor

Qualified Executive Coach, Member of Association for Coaching and Institute of Leadership and Management.

Specialising in leadership capability, capacity and confidence. Deepening awareness of yourself and others, how you respond to challenging situations and the impact you have.

Enhancing your capacity in high pressured situations, aiding you to lead with compassion. Strengthening your capability in managing uncertainty in complex environments, and across organisational boundaries.

Supporting you cultivate a culture that is empowering and inclusive throughout your organisation.

Stephanie Taylor 

I am a certified executive coach who specializes in helping business leaders successfully navigate transitions to new or expanded roles.  I work with clients to achieve their aspirations, whether that is moving to the next level in an organization, becoming a leader of leaders or shifting direction into a new industry or profession.  I can help you figure out what is getting in the way, what are you missing and how you can leverage your strengths to maximize your success.             

Adrienne Washington

Adrienne Washington has 20 years of coaching experience and is certified in executive coaching. Holding a Human Resources masters degree and working in a Fortune 100 corporation has complemented her direct knowledge and understanding of leadership issues and challenges. She helps leaders to demonstrate exceptional impact and be recognized.

Graham Wilson

Graham is a much sought after leadership coach, author of Leadership Laid Bare, The NEW Leadership Manifesto, wabisugi™ – the art of resilience for everyday warriors, ChangePro™ and founder of the award winning Successfactory™

Graham has a unique coaching style to ensure you achieve success. Described as an “igniter of human potential” he challenges, provokes, mentors, and teaches to develop potential.

Graham is trusted to develop leaders of the very best organisations around the world and has developed over 85,000 leaders.

Andrew Wood

I’ve been coaching leaders through change for nearly 20 years. I’ve led successful international pharma communications businesses and teams, and have led organisational development in FTSE 100 businesses.

I help people navigate change and use it as for growth by exploring new insights, making new connections, and moving to meaningful action. My clients find me appreciative, kind, challenging, honest and creative.

I’m accredited by the ICF. I currently coach senior clients in pharma, media, tech, professional services, and social innovation.

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