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Whilst in the middle of a global pandemic, many people’s confidence has hit rock bottom. There is a lot of fear and anxiety over the long term, especially around job security. The more we worry about the future, the more our performance is affected. Participate in this session to get your mojo back.

Dee Allen

Dee is a certified Executive and Strength Coach, Team Trainer and Leadership Consultant.  Her expertise in leadership and coaching stems from her 33-year career in the U.S. Navy where she coached some the Navy's top leadership.  Since her retirement from the military, Dee founded and is the CEO of Dee Allen Consulting N Coaching.  She specializing  in developing executive talent and leading teams in defining concrete goals, optimizing performance and providing accountability. She has worked with the federal government, non-profits, and corporate leaders to both increase leadership and organizational effectiveness. 

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Ann-Britt Bolinder
Sweden (CET)

I’m a coach who wants to make you happy.
I empower women to be successful without feeling overwhelmed and to stop making themselves smaller to fit in. I help you turn things around so you can see there is hope. 

Sometimes I bring my horses as teachers in my coaching. You will feel seen and get to feel unconditional love in an extraordinary way by the horses.

You have a beautiful purpose on this Planet.

Together we will find it.


Alexandra Bolinder
Sweden (CET)

Find your Power by embracing your quirkiness!

Get access to the fuel for your soul. Take no rubbish, stand up for yourself.

Don't let your fears stop you.

Stand tall outside the box and don´t let others lead your life.

Don´t waste your time, take the leap.

Leap into your own power and embrace all of your quirkiness.

Shine brighter than the stars!

Fiona Cameron

I coach executives in a wide range of organisations, to increase their effectiveness and impact. I received the following feedback from a recent coachee - Fiona is an outstanding coach who has supported and challenged me through a particularly difficult period in my career, managing multiple priorities under pressure and bedding in a new team. Her clear and consistent focus has help me build on my strategic leadership and delegation skills to great effect. I’d love to help you too!

Ben Dowman

I specialise in helping people who are stuck with repeating patterns of thinking, feeling, behaviour and communication. My work is successful because I help people explore the beliefs, ideas and emotions that are holding them back. By bringing these into awareness people gain new choices and freedom to move forward with their lives. I am a psychologist and trained in NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis, Systems thinking, Mindfulness and Provocative Therapy.

Brigit Egan 

Brigit owns a consultancy that specialises in Leadership, Management and Team development. Brigit’s speciality is in transformation and emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness one to one coaching.

Brigit chairs Emerge 3Rs a dynamic social enterprise including Fareshare, recycling waste, volunteering opportunities.

Is a Master Practioner in NLP, ILM Level 7 coaching and mentoring qualified, has a Business Coaching Diploma and is accredited to use a variety of psychometric instruments.

Is an award winner and is also listed in the Golden Jubilee edition of Who is Who in Greater Manchester.  

Carol Elderfield

Having spent over 30 years in a career spanning both Operations and Human Resources at Executive level, my personal style is to work through others, building great relationships and individual confidence getting things done. Work with me to be at your best self to Excel. Teams I worked with describe me as inspirational, quiet gravitas, effective with no ego, that means my focus is on you, helping you break through any barriers either real or perceived to step (in) and grow.

Jeannie France-Hayhurst

A highly experienced barrister and presentation consultant, Jeannie focuses on the best and most effective methods of communication and persuasion.

She enhances every individual’s latent skills and shares tips and techniques, adding confidence and maximising potential.

Jeannie is a consultant at The Confidence Clinic : clients at her previous consultancy, Charisma, included senior executives and leaders (public and private sector).

She is a non-executive director and trustee of several boards and a firm supporter of promoting women to senior positions.

Alex Greenwod

Alex has helped develop individuals and teams through coaching in over 40 countries, so is experienced at working with people from different cultures, backgrounds and levels of experience. He is known for his catalytic, yet compassionate approach that aims to create lasting change and get results. A qualified coach he is fully compliant with the EMCC code of coaching ethics and standards and applies them appropriately in all coaching situations. 

Kate McAlpine

I help people to do the right thing & in doing so to thrive. I offer clients constructive challenge; an acute emotional intelligence; & a toolbox that helps them navigate complexity. I possess the courage and skills to facilitate challenging & constructive conversations; and to equip clients to question & evidence their own assumptions.

Sarah Perris

Confidence and self-belief are huge assets in all areas of life - but especially at work. You’ve got the qualifications, the skills, the talent and the experience, but is something holding you back? Possibly yourself? I can help you re-assess and re-build three important areas of your life:

• Identify and change self-limiting emotional habits
• Introduce powerful, thought-provoking process to develop your personal brand and communications skills
• Develop behavioural ‘micro-weapons’ which will transform your personal effectiveness and credibility

Nikki Peterson

I help people who are stressed, overwhelmed or anxious about any aspect of their lives by giving you time to think and allowing you to view your potential from a very different lens.

As a result, you will feel more confident and more resilient so you can make better decisions that work for you on your terms.

Mandy Sinclair

I’m an ICF certified coach who is passionate about championing individuals to live their best life. Empowering them to find the clarity and inner belief to make small changes which impact their lives in a meaningful way. I am particularly experienced in coaching people to improve their confidence/self-belief which can enable them to achieve goals in all areas of their life. It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about as I’ve finally been able to achieve it in my own life.

Sandrine Soubes

I am Dr Sandrine Soubes, a coach with a research background. My aim is to create reflective spaces for individuals to be bold with ideas, switch perspectives and reveal alternatives. I seek to empower individuals regain autonomy from set views and identify more rewarding patterns for actions and interactions. I am an expressive and dynamic coach, who wants to give you a sense of openness and possibilities. I often coach high-level skills individuals who find challenging navigating professional lives/ transitions.

Dr. Sarah Thornton

I help professional women find their passion so they can wake up feeling excited about the day ahead. I use a tried and tested formula to guide you to amazing confidence and clarity and to become altogether more resilient so you can be ready for whatever life may throw your way, without needing to go through therapy or take antidepressants! It's empowering (and it's really good fun!), so get ready to start living the life that you deserve.

Kelly Trivedy

My coaching is centred around helping you to develop your confidence, reflection skills to enhance your career prospects for success and or a new venture you are about to embark on! As a skilled educator, I can help you to think critically and feel more fulfilled in your professional life! If you are looking at habituating daily and weekly practices to help you live that life you have been dreaming about, I am here to support you! Get in touch!

Beverlie Wilkinson

As a coach you are guiding and challenging your client to reach their full potential. You hold their agenda and you need to create a safe environment where they believe anything is possible.

In my work I have seen several career progressions, which can be very tangible, however the intangibles have often had a more lasting effect. Changes in language, behaviour and ultimately leading to confidence.

Client feedback says I have given clarity of direction and helped set clear timelines for goals. Leaving a session a Client commented on always feeling positive and inspired.

My focus as a coach is:

• Developing individuals to reach their potential

• Stretching and challenging their comfort zone

• Inspiring them to believe it is possible

• Providing the right space to open up

Vera Woodhead

Vera is an coach with over 20 years’ expertise in supporting leaders from global FTSE 100s to the NHS. A professional coach for over 13 years, Vera draws on her Master’s Degree in Coaching and insights from a variety of roles such as an internal coach; running her own business; Lecturer in Leadership, Director…to bring a deep understanding of human behaviour to support change, harness strengths, foster self-belief and confidence to help you get the most out of yourself. 

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