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In order to best serve our newest (and existing) members, The WLA opens its doors only a few times each year. 

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The Place for Passionate, Corporate Women...

Who Know It Takes More Than Passion To Get Where They Want to Go

I always tried to make everyone happy. Being assertive was important BUTbeing true to who I am was even more important to me. Sandra's methods she teaches in the WLA showed me that I didn't have to choose between the two.

- Paula Chadwick, CEO Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

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Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
SCOTMID Co-operative

Not Overlooked… Landed a Promotion in Only 9 Months

Mel Carlen Headshot 2017

So… 9 months on from joining the WLA I have a great new role at a company that I know values me and my experience. I feel energised and clear about what I want to achieve from a work, home and self-improvement perspective. 

I’ve got a great inspirational network I know I can reach out to plus I’ve made some lovely new friends! 

I have influenced my new company to sponsor my full membership of WLA which shows not only their belief in me but also their belief in the power of the WLA! 

- Mel Carlen, Head of Shared Services, Amey

Let's Call It "Mojo"...

And There Is An Epidemic of Women Leaders Who Have Lost Theirs.

Ever run into someone who has been climbing that ladder, being the perfect doer… yet feeling like she's on a professional treadmill—running and running, and going nowhere?

Hello, my name is Sandra Green and I've created the WLA exclusively for these women leaders. They can finally find others who think like them, support them, and get on a path to more opportunies, more respect, (and often, more pay).

the READY Success Attraction System

The Antidote to Overlooked and Undervalued 

Conquered in 5 Steps

It felt like I was taken for granted.

They say, “showing up” is most of the battle. Not only did I show up, but I devoted myself—my energy, my intellectual property—to the organisation. I waited.  

I waited patiently and kept thinking my time is coming… promotions, responsibility, significance. But it didn’t. 

I had bought into the myth... 

...that “doing what you’re told,” “delivering consistent quality,” and “pleasing everyone” was the recipe to grow. Instead of giving up though, I decided there was a way to win this game (because that’s exactly what it is: A Game).

For years, I wasn’t playing the game to win, however that all changed as I began taking a step back and figuring out a few things. 

THE Way to Get Ahead Without Being Someone You're Not

It certainly didn't happen overnight, but over years of meeting and becoming friends with many women—very similar to me—I started helping them learn how to play the game.

I've since formulated this proven step-by-step process into what I now call the R.E.A.D.Y. Success Attraction System

It’s what guides women like yourself (if you can relate to my challenges) through the action steps that I now use inside The WLA.

Empowering Women to Lead the Future

Get R.E.A.D.Y.... Reveal your Visibility. Grow Authentic Authority. Be Rewarded. 

Supportive Community. Online Education. Inspiring Women To Step Forward.

Doors to The WLA are opening soon!

The Women Leaders Association provides an online hub with the mission of inspiring and empowering corporate women leaders

We want more women to love their work and not feel dejected, frustrated and wanting to throw in the towel. 

"Taken For Granted to Indispensable"

This Self Assessment Guide walks you through 3 formulas for success, each with its own workbook-style activity.

(it's one of Sandra's go-to tools for revealing clarity, insight and direction)

Indispensable 3step workbook

"I had been disappointed in 'women leadership' events in the past. The WLA wasn't anything at all like I had experienced..."

Networking has never been my strong suit and with such a hectic work and home schedule, had never really felt like much of a priority. In all honesty I wasn’t sure what to expect having attended other Female Leadership events in the past and feeling disappointed (and at times quite cross), at the need to constantly highlight how downtrodden women are compared to men.  

However, my over-riding memory of the WLA conference was a celebration of self-confidence, belief and empowerment. Being part of this great network has also given me the confidence to set up a female leaders group within my own business, something we have never had before and to date is proving successful.  

- Sara Saleh, HR Director 

Sara Saleh