Remarkable Women Award 2019 Nominations Now Closed

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Nominations are now closed!

The WLA Remarkable Woman Award 

There are so many remarkable women working in industry today! And we want to celebrate, recognise and reward those that are remarkable. We need more role models across our organisation. We need to inspire a younger generation of women to be brave, step forward and broaden their aspirations about what's possible.

At the WLA we are all about developing the potential of female leaders. Encouraging them to believe in themselves, to dream bigger than they dared and to inspire those around them. This is how we get change. 

This is the first time the WLA has started an award. the Remarkable Woman Award recognises an inspirational woman for the work she is doing in her organisation and perhaps in her community too. 

About The WLA 

The WLA is a community of like-minded senior women leaders coming together to share and enhance their leadership; their connections and their ability to make a real difference in the world. Whilst our members represent a diverse range of sectors, they share a common interest in strengthening the role of women in the workplace. There is a real and passionate desire to embrace the significant opportunities gender equality brings to organisational performance.  


Eligibility Requirements

What the Judges will be looking for

• Must be a female currently employed in the UK • May be self-nominated or nominated by another person. • Cannot be a member of the judging panel, or a member of any judge's immediate family • Nominees may be employed in for-profit businesses or not-for profit organisations • Must be a woman who holds a middle or senior management-level position  

• Significant achievements • Inspirational leadership qualities • Makes a distinctive or unusual or innovative contribution • Potential role model to others

The Judging Panel

David Brown

Karen Brookes

Laurence Udell

Mark Summerfield

MD, Hoggett Bowers  

Director of People & Infrastucture, SRM

CEO, Udell Group  

CEO, Co-Op Insurance

The Award

Important Dates

• A WLA bursary to the value of £2,000 will be awarded to the successful nominee for use on WLA Leadership Programmes

• The successful nominee will receive a Remarkable Woman trophy to keep.  

Nominations opened: 1st DEC 2018

Nominations closed: 1st Feb 2019 

Winner Announced:



Remarkable Woman Award Winner

Winning a WLA Bursary - What it Could Mean

"What a journey it has been, I have secured a promotion, gained CIMA Fellowship, been in the company of an amazing group of women, learned more than I believed possible through exposure to fantastic keynote speakers and probably most importantly been mentored by a fantastically accomplished finance professional!" 

Lindsey Cairns, Financial Controller, Amey

What Members Love about the WLA:

"I attended the International Women’s Day Conference last year and was surprised by how much it made me think and how much I enjoyed meeting the other delegates. In some ways I felt a bit of a fraud as I’d really just gone along as a development opportunity rather than because I felt strongly about gender equality. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky with the managers and organisations that I’ve worked for, perhaps it’s my collaborative approach, perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t have children or I’m a lifelong football fan…..? Anyway, that day opened my mind to the genuine issues that many women face and the fact that, as a senior manager, I have a responsibility to make sure that I am doing everything I can to ensure everyone in my organisation has access to all the opportunities they deserve." Sarah Scholes, Scot Mid

Join us at the IWD Conference to see the Remarkable Woman Awarded