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Michael Dodd

International Speaker - Media and Presentation Coach

Drawing on his background as a political and foreign correspondent and as a newspaper reviewer for Sky and the BBC, Michael knows how to ask what they call in his native Australia “blow-torch-on-the-belly” questions – and how to apply the golden formulae to give great answers to them. He shows clients how to get their message to have greater impact on audiences of all sizes – face-to-face, through the media and across the web. Michael has won the Academy for Chief Executives “New Speaker Of The Year Award”. He’s had speaking engagement on six continents. Michael is the author of “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work”, published by Wiley. It’s been given ‘Management Gold’ endorsement from the Chartered Management Institute after it was shortlisted for the Business Book Of The Year Award. The Express newspaper says “Every briefcase and bookshelf should have a copy.” Michael has served two terms as President of the Professional Speaking Association's fast-growing London Region. 

Overview of Session One: Your Message in 60 Seconds

“YOUR MESSAGE IN 60 SECONDS” tackles the business communication challenge of our age – seeking to get our point across when everyone has increasing pressures on our time. This session equips you to convey a powerful, succinct and effective message that sticks - all in the time it takes to cook a piece of toast. You can use the skills you enhance in this session whether your audience is large or small – and in those vital one-to-one professional conversations. This workshop helps you hone the content and structure of your message – and how to look, sound and feel your best when you’re conveying it. 

Overview of Session Two: Great Answers to Tough Questions “GREAT ANSWERS TO TOUGH QUESTIONS” enables you to give more powerful, effective and confident answers in critical professional conversations. It helps you give impressive responses to nightmare questions from customers, prospects, staff, journalists, financiers, officials and members of your own team. You will be given the golden formulae for dealing with killer questions, tricky questions, nasty questions and even stupid questions. You come away with a skill you can put into action immediately and which will help you to be perceived as more insightful, authoritative and persuasive.