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Flourish International

Lorna Chudleigh

Yasmin Holmes

Flourish is the product of a collaboration started by four women who want to make a difference. Recognising that women have so much more potential to contribute, we are committed to help women and girls from all walks of life to flourish.  

Our vision is to see women and girls at every stage in their lives fulfil their potential and realise their dreams.  

We want women from all backgrounds and walks of life to recognise their potential to do and be whatever they want in life. We want a balance in society where women and men are equal. We are passionate about helping women (and men) see the possibilities and overcome the challenges. And we are committed to collaborating with women and men to achieve our mission.  

Is Unconscious Gender Bias holding you back more than you think?

We thought we knew the issues around gender bias and we were wrong. In this interactive session we will shed light on how much gender bias is part of our unconscious world, what that means for you personally and professionally and what can be done about it. This session is for both women and men and takes an inside out look at the behavioural reality around our perceptions of gender, how that leads us to treat people, limit ourselves and unconsciously maintain the status quo. You will leave with a different perspective and practical ideas for shedding the shackles of unconscious gender bias in yourself and your workplace. By attending this event you will: 

* gain insights into how our unconscious biases have greater influence than we think; * see that gender equality requires a fundamental shift in perspectives and there are steps we can take; * have the opportunity to discuss some of the issues and explore what these might mean for you and/or your organisation; and * leave with some practical steps you can take in your life and work.